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As the calendar flips over to December each year, thoughts turn to holiday parties. These are times of reflection and remembrance of the baby whose birthday we celebrate. For Christian Christmas parties there are many activities or games that can be played which helps participants enjoy the magic of the season.

Christian Christmas Charades.
Charades is a game that has been played at parties for ages. It is still as fun as when it was first played. Each person at the party comes up with five Christian Christmas people, places, films, books, television shows or plays. The group needs to be divided into teams with four or five people on each team. Then the teams, one at a time, begin acting out the clues without using any words or props. The team that correctly guesses the most clues wins the game.

Another version of this game is a spontaneous game where groups can act out characters from the Bible. Each skit should involve a scene from Jesus’ life. They can be from the announcement to Zacharias and Elizabeth through Jesus life as a preacher. No rehearsal is needed for these skits and the audience can guess what each skit is. To take the enjoyment a little further a birthday cake for Jesus could be served afterwards.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunts are always crowd-pleasers. The group should divide up into groups of three to four people per group. There are several ways to have a scavenger hunt. The first  could involve the groups driving around to other Christian homes and having to do a small act of kindness to the designated person. After this act is complete, the group will be given the next destination. The winner is the group which arrives back at the starting place first.

The second way to play is to have a list of Christian Christmas items to find,  such as a manger scene, a house lit with white and blue lights and so on. The teams must search the neighborhood on foot to find the items. Either the teams need to place the address or location of the item or they may need to take pictures of each item. As it is found. To do the last version each person would need to have one digital camera with them.

Another scavenger hunt would to be give the groups a list of clues to locations. The clues could be as simple as the place where we hang our donated mittens. The answer would be the location of these items, perhaps a Christmas tree. Once the team find this site, they need to search the area for a paper that is taped somewhere. The paper would have a Biblical question. The team has to write down the question number and their answer on paper. Then they can go on to the next location. The first team back with the most correct answers is the winner. It would be good if each team had a Bible to help with the answers.

Christian Christmas Swap

Christmas swap is a gift-giving game. In this version, each person is asked to bring a wrapped item that has a Christian theme. Perhaps they could bring a small Bible or Nativity scene, an ornament with a Christian decoration on it. The items could stay within a certain price range or they could be items that the person had around the house that they would like to give to another. Number slips of paper from the number one up to the number of guest that are at the party. When it is time for the game, place the gifts in the center of the room and give each guest a number. The person who draws the number one will take a gift from the center of the room. Depending on what the host decides number one may unwrapped the gift or not. Number two then can either take the gift from number one or they may take a gift from the center of the room. If number one’s gift is taken they may not take it back until the next round, so number one would take a gift from the center of the room. Number three would either take a gift from one of the others or one from the center. Each round is over when there is no more exchanging that can be done or when someone takes a present from the center. Continue this game until the last gift has been removed from the center of the room and each one can then enjoy the gift that they possess.

Games can become a tradition at any Christian Christmas gathering, just remember that this season is about celebrating, through Christian love and actions, the birth of the baby Jesus.

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