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There are many different ways to make an egg-carton angel ornament. This is the type of craft that can get as complex, or as simple as you want to make it. I will share with you my favorite way to make a quick and easy egg-carton angel ornament. I have used this method when I was a teacher, and it works well with children even as young as six or seven years of age. The best part is that this method always produces a successful result!

What you need:
*one egg carton
(Cardboard egg cartons work best, but styrofoam ones will work too.)

*one pair of good strong scissors
(Scissors designed for children don't always make a nice cut through the egg carton.)

*construction paper, of any color
(Or, you can substitute aluminum foil, if an older child or adult is making the ornament.)

(White "school glue" will work best, if you give it time to dry.)

*one black marker
(You can choose more colors of markers if you want to make this ornament more complex.)

Here is what you do:
Step One: Find an empty egg carton. Cut the lid of the egg carton off of the part that holds the eggs.

Step Two: Cut apart the "cups", so that you end up with six parts. Leave the cup on the top connected to the cup on the bottom.

Step Three: Use one of the paired cups. Flip them over so the round part faces up. The top part will become the angel's head, and the bottom part will become the angel's body.

Step Four: Use the black marker to draw on the angel's face on the top egg carton cup. Use a dot for each eye, a dot for a nose, and draw a smile. (If you choose, you can make the face more detailed than that, and use different colors with other markers).

Step Five: Cut one piece of construction paper in half. Any color will do. (You can substitute aluminum foil instead, if you choose.)

Step Six: Fold the paper (or aluminum foil) the same way you would a paper fan.

Step Seven: Pinch the middle of the fan, and glue that part to the back of the egg carton. This makes the angel's wings.

You can get more detailed if you would like. Add a halo with small piece of the leftover aluminum foil, or a circle cut from the other half of the construction paper. Use different colored markers to design the angel's dress. Add a magnet on the back to hang the egg-carton angel on the refrigerator, or add a string to the back to hang it on the Christmas tree. One egg carton can make six egg-carton angel ornaments.


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