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Egg carton angel ornaments is the type of project that is ecofriendly, meaning that it is safer, better, and biodegradable, all in the purpose of a better environment.

Needed Materials:

One of the items needed for this craft are egg cartons. Styrofoam carton can also be used for a substitute. Craft stores or even some dollar stores will have a small doll head or a pom-pom, preferably 1". To add flair, you might want to use ribbon, multicolored glitter, lace or sequins for the "body" of the angel. Clear tape will work better than transparent tape as you don't want it be seen. Multicolored pipe colors and yarn or raffia will also be nice embellishments. Last, but not least, break out the white paint, white paper and wax paper.

Creation of angels:

First, cut the egg cup section out of the carton. This section will be painted white. For best results, make sure the paint isn't too damp or the cup will fall apart. Before the section has completely dried, generously apply glitter. You will then tap the excess sparkles onto the wax paper. Give this section time to dry.

Next, take the white paper and cut a 5 by 4 rectangle. Laterally fold this piece in half. Unfold the rectangle. Cut the folded line. You should now have two 5 by 2 rectangles. Starting at the narrow edge, fold one of the pieces like an accordion. Tape one end to make a fan. Repeat for the other wing.

Third, in order to make the angel's dress, turn the egg cup upside down. Cut a v notch on both sides of the taped end of one wing. This is so the wing can be easily twisted. Again, repeat for the other wing. Connect both of the wings by the taped ends. Take the affixed wings and hot glue them to one side of the cup. Makes sure both notches are completely twisted. This will allow the wings to fit closely to the angel's body.

Finally, glue the doll head or the pom-pom upon the angel's dress. If using the pom-pom, use the yarn or raffia or hair. For the halo, make a circle out of the pipe cleaner. Hide the uneven edges of the dress with ribbon, lace and sequins, or anything else you desire.

Variation: to create an ornament, hot glue a piece of ribbon on the back for a loop. This will allow the angel to be hanged on a tree or other ledge.

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