Christmas 2010 Gift Suggestions for College Freshmen

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"Christmas 2010 Gift Suggestions for College Freshmen"
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It's the first Christmas that your baby is on his or her own, and you want to get a special Christmas gift for your college freshman.  There are many great presents to consider for 2010.


Many college freshmen need computers for school.  In many schools, it is a requirement.  They may use it to research work and of course to type papers.  You can choose a desktop or a laptop.


A college freshman might benefit from being able to access the Internet while on the go. They may enjoy a new smartphone such as the HTC Evo or the IPhone.  When buying such a gift, be sure to consider the cost of the service plan and whether you are going to pay for that as well.

Gift basket of fun foods

A lot of college freshmen miss home cooking very much.  They may love a gift basket filled with all different sorts of foods.  You might give foods that they can put in their freezer so that it can last a while.  You can also go to the store and pick out some of his or her favorite foods, especially ones that he or she might not be able to get at college.  You can also go to a place such as Costco and purchase a pre-made basket filled with items like crackers, cheese, cadies and more.

Gift card

Many parents simply do not know what to get a college freshman.  One idea is to get them a gift card so that the student can pick out what they want.  Many students want nothing more than cash and if you get them a gift card to a store that you know that they frequent, then this might be just as good for them.  You can get them something very versatile such as a gift card to a grocery store like Publix or Target.


A lot of college students like to read. You can get him or her some leisure reading material or something that would be useful for his or her area of study.  Also, you can get him or her something to watch on television in the form of a DVD.  Alternatively, you can get him or her a magazine subscription.  Think about the type of magazine he would like based on his interests (i.e. someone who likes science may enjoy Popular Science).  This is great because magazines typically come every month for a year. 

There are many great gifts for the college freshman for Christmas of 2010.  Make sure to think about what he or she would like when making your decision.

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