Children will be going without Christmas Gifts this Year

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"Children will be going without Christmas Gifts this Year"
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In many homes across the world Christmas trees are currently sitting in your living room, the houses on the street all sparkle with holiday lights and the madness of holiday shopping has begun. At this time during the year everyone is in a race to the finish which happens to fall on December 25th, each and every year. There is a count down to Santa, a count down to the very last second of holiday shopping. This is a time when people are spending more quality time with family and friends. This is a joyous time for many of us, but what about those less fortune? What about those who can not afford a Christmas tree or may not even have a home much less a living room to put one up?

During the holiday season many people forget that there are those who are in such need. Many people are on the streets, homeless with no one to turn too. Many are people that at one point in their lives might have been successful but due to the sky rocketing rate of unemployment every thing they had built crumbled to the ground. Some of the less fortunate do have homes to live in but may not have running water, electric or even heat much less a Christmas tree. Have we forgotten about them?

Let's not forget the saddest thing of all, many of these people who are in desperate need have children. These poor children are sometimes on the streets, moving from shelter to shelter and left with out the things they need for their daily lives such as clothing, food, toys or an education Some have homes that we wouldn't even use to store our garbage in let alone live in. Although this is the best time of year for donations to food banks, shelters and clothes closets many are still forgotten. They fall through the cracks of the system and still go on without a Christmas. Some organizations receive more request for help from families in need than the amount of donations they are given making it near impossible for them to help everyone.

Take a look at your children, see their smiling faces and think about how much joy you will get from seeing their eyes light up on Christmas morning when they see that Santa did stop for them. Shouldn't every child have that joy? Shouldn't every child have presents to open up on Christmas morning, warm new clothes to wear and a nice hot meal to fill their tummies?

This holiday season when your out running from store to store in the cold and slushy streets, stop for just a moment and remember those who do not have this simple luxury of being able to do the simple things we take for granted every holiday season. Picking up a toy, clothing or non-perishable food item to donate to a shelter, church or organization could mean the difference in a wonderful Christmas morning or a sad and lonely one for a child much like your own and it wont cost you much to bring a bright smile to a child whom without the donation of another caring person wouldn't even have a Christmas.

You can donate items to your local church or parish. There are also many homeless shelters that would be very grateful for any items you can spare. Soup kitchens always need items such as turkeys, potatoes and so much more. Give them a call and I am sure they can tell you what their biggest needs is right now. The Salvation Army is always taking any kind of donations to assist them this year helping families in need. If you don't have the time to locate a place to drop off your donation too, while your out shopping look for a store that has a Toys for Tots drop box. You can purchase the toy and drop it in the box on your way out. It couldn't be any more simple than that. If everyone just donated one item whether it be a toy, a clothing item or a food item many more families and especially the children could have a warm and wonderful Christmas!

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