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With the winter almost over and as spring quickly approaches it is time to pull out our grass skirts and coconut bras and celebrate Cabin Fever Day. March 9th is Cabin Fever Day but if you look across the USA many states celebrate this day in many different ways through out March.

In Minnesota there is a company called WineHaven Winery and Vineyard who is hosting a Cabin Fever Day on March 11th. This winery event is for people to come and taste their newest wines. They established their business back in 1995 and the entire business is run by one family. This may be something worth checking out if you live in the area of St. Paul, MN.

If you live near Appleton, WI and love the outdoors, then check out Trout Unlimited on March 24th. They'll be hosting a Cabin Fever Day at the Grand Meridian. The way they celebrate Cabin Fever is to have a guest speaker come and speak about different techniques involved in fishing. They'll even have demonstrations!

These are just 2 examples of places that have a Cabin Fever Day, search the calendar of places near you and see if anyone is hosting a Cabin Fever Day. If not, then why not create your own? Invite your family and friends to it. Luckily Cabin Fever Day lands on a Friday this year so you won't have to worry about getting to bed early for work the next day. Need ideas for a party? If it's still cold out, then throw an indoor Cabin Fever Day party. Keep the heater on so it's warm enough for people to break out the shorts. If you have an area you can put a plastic kid's pool, then set one up and tell everyone you are having a pool party. If it's warm enough to go outside, head to the lake for fishing and a BBQ. Another good Cabin Fever Day idea is to go camping for a weekend in March.

Whatever it is you do, make sure it's something that will give people a chance to stretch their legs, move around, and just have fun. After a long winter, that's something everyone needs! Be creative in what you choose and make sure it'll help people remember that spring has come and summer is soon to follow!

If you can't throw a party but still want to acknowledge the day, or if you want a creative way to invite people to your Cabin Fever Day party, then check out some of these sites: www.123greetings.com and www.yahoo.americangreetings.com for free ecards to send everybody. Have fun and enjoy Cabin Fever Day!

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