Birthday Party Ideas for Senior Citizens

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"Birthday Party Ideas for Senior Citizens"
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Birthday parties for senior citizens can be quite entertaining. Gone are the days when seniors stayed home, drank tea, read newspapers, and chatted with the occasional family member, or friend, who stopped by to pass along birthday greetings.

These days, many seniors want part of the action. Not so many years ago, a 50- year-old was considered a senior citizen. Nowadays, 50 is considered to be middle-aged while a senior is anyone 65 or older. Regardless of age, some older people take better care of themselves, have better genetics, and can be as exuberant as a 10-year-old. It depends on the individual's health and state of mind.

When planning birthday parties for seniors who reside in nursing homes, depending upon dietary restrictions, a bouquet of flowers, a card and cake would be appreciated. Be sure to bring enough cake so all residents will have the opportunity to enjoy a piece. When things have settled down, be sure to give the birthday man/woman some undivided attention before heading home.

When seniors are ill, whether temporarily or terminally, it can be enough just to visit with them briefly, perhaps bringing a bunch of flowers to brighten their surroundings. They will feel special knowing that you care.

When planning birthday parties for out-going senior women, compile a list of their closet friends and family members. Send out invitations asking guests to join in on the festivities, to be held in a private dining room at a chosen restaurant or resort. Share funny stories so everyone will go home with hearts filled with laughter. Another fond memory will be added to the repertoire.

When senior birthday ladies love to attend the occasional symphony or opera performance, if there is such an event in the area, it might be a nice idea for all invited guests to contribute toward the cost. Everyone can go out for a coffee and donut later to discuss their feelings about the performance they had just seen and to catch up with each other's lives.

Planning birthday parties for senior men can be more daunting since many of them don't want the added attention. However, all men love to spend time with their closest buddies. What better gift to give senior men than a day or evening with their fishing buddies? Book time at a fishing lodge so the men can relax, fish, eat, and have good conversation before taking a nap. When they wake, they'll likely begin everything over again until it is time to return home. The men will have added another fond memory.

When senior men love to watch the races, whether it be horses or cars, contribute toward the cost and enjoy an evening in the great outdoors. The men will be tense and nervous, often rising from their seats when the person they are cheering for begins to lag behind. Other times, they will have their fists raised in the air as though triumph is just around the corner. Whether they return home with suntans or sunburns, they will have enjoyed the day doing what they love most with people they enjoy being around.

These are only a few examples of ways to celebrate the lives of senior citizens. Regardless of the chosen method, the crucial thing to remember is that senior citizens are important, whether healthy or ill, and they should know just how important they are every day of the year - not only on their birthdays.

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