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April is an awesome month for planning a themed birthday party as the dreary winter days pass and first days of Spring emerge.  April can inspire many different birthday party themes from nature to baseball to fairy tales.  Begin planning the April birthday party by first choosing a theme.  A party theme allows the planner to have a point of focus for invitations, decorations, games, food and party favors. 

* April Fool’s Day.

Got a birthday that lands on April 1, better known as April Fool’s Day?  What luck!  An April Fool’s Day birthday party theme can be wacky fun for any age.  A great game to play at this theme birthday party is Simon Says Opposite.  Instead of doing what Simon Says, the players must do the opposite action.  For example, if Simon says to jump, the players should sit.  Serve surprising foods like fruit chew green beans, faux French fries and fried-egg sundaes that are really a sweet treat.  The recipes for these fool-you foods can be found at Decorate with bright, cheerful colors including red, blue, yellow and green.  Decorations may include balloons, crepe paper streamers and banners.

* Fairy Tale theme.

Hans Christian Anderson was born on April 2 in 1805 and is the author of more than 150 tales.  Some of his most recognizable include The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and The Princess and the Pea.  For a little girl born on or near April 2, consider planning a Fairy Tale themed birthday party using a combination of Anderson’s stories or centered on one favorite.  Although the Disney movie may differ from the original tale, it still makes for a great theme for a young girl’s April birthday.  The Ugly Duckling is another fun fairy tale theme that can be adapted for various budgets and party needs.  And what little girl wouldn’t like to celebrate her birthday like a princess?  Choose The Princess and the Pea as a fairy tale focus for her royal bash and her April birthday will be most memorable.    

* Spring Training theme.

Batter up!  Celebrate a boy’s April birthday with the all-American pastime, baseball.  This theme can work for a range of ages from toddlers to teens to adults and everyone in between.  Send out invitations shaped like a baseball glove, bat or home plate.  Play baseball inspired games like Balance the Bat relay.  In this action-packed relay race, players must balance a foam baseball bat on the palm of their hand while racing through a relay course.  Serve hot dogs, nachos and roasted peanuts like at the ballpark and design the cake to look like a large baseball or ballpark.  For kid’s party favors, consider giving baseball cards, boxes of cracker jack and Big League Chew gum.

* Earth Day theme.

April 22 is Earth Day, celebrating the resources of our planet and raising environmental awareness.  Ideas for an Earth Day theme can be adapted to fit a variety of ages and budgets and either gender.  A Backyard Explore party can help even the youngest kids learn to enjoy nature.  Stations can be created for nature rubbings, crafts can be made from found items and seeds planted in take-home pots.  Have each guest decorate their own flowerpot and then plant the seeds.  Add an energetic activity by including Animal relays where each child imitates the mannerisms of an animal while racing through a relay course.  For an Earth Day theme use decorations and supplies made from recycled materials and serve a cake shaped like the earth.

* Frog theme.

Ribbit!  April is National Frog Month in the United States.  A cute or funky frog theme can be adapted for a boy or girl and can work for several ages.  For younger children, a cute frog theme might include frog invitations that say, “C’mon and Hippety-Hop over for Jacen’s third birthday party!”  School-age children might enjoy a funky frog theme that focuses on the critter and all things frog, more from a scientific viewpoint.  Consider a cake shaped like a frog.  You may even want to include a few gummy flies for garnish.  

April is a great month for planning a special themed birthday party.  When planning any birthday party, remember to match the theme to your budget and the birthday person’s personality.  The theme should also be carried out through all aspects of the party.  With a little creativity and fun, the April birthday party will be one of the most special of the year.

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